Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hands2Help Challenge 2017

I have participated in H2H since it's concept.  In the past I always gifted on to those year's listed charities, but we have a big need here in our own communities and opted to keep it to home this year.  If you want to see some amazing quilts that were made during this year's challenge, please visit the linky HERE.  (linky closes tonight)

I totally forgot to take photos of my finished pieces as I was a drop-off and delivery for our quilt guild's charity drive.  Quilts were piled on my quest bed and mine were included.  The Schoharie Valley Piecemakers (my lovely guild) delivered 42 quilts in time for Easter weekend home baskets.  Another 8 quilts came in to them after our initial delivery and I am thrilled with the care our members share with our communities.  

But this Sophia quilt was made entirely of 'gifted' fabrics from some of my quild members and I am sure some little girl is just tickled. 

This was another I made from a yard of a cute kitty quilt and paired up some matching solids and stripes.  Yup, no final picture but assure you was was finished and part of our donation.

I used this pattern  changing to a 2.5" outer final border.  This is a great pattern for a quick baby quilt.

And then I remembered............

I had made this confetti quilt, too and have a photo of a finish (and made three quilts).  I usually make one to represent each of my children that I am blessed with when I donate - totally forgot this one.

Please be sure to visit SARAH and all the fabulous donated quilts.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Scrap Wednesday

I will be joining SARAH today with an attempt to tame my scraps.  I have several projects that are long term - because when you work small blocks, you have to make a lot more blocks.

The usual suspects have been out into the light of day.  I've done a count on each of these project with a rough idea of layout for how many I need.  The Temecula Geese (2.5" x 4.5") are getting close as well as the plaids (2.5" sq with 1.5"x2.5" strip.  The H blocks (1.5" sq with 1.5" x 3.5" strip) have a long way to go.  

The Puss-in-the-Corner are half the way - again 1.5" getting used.  I don't think I ever showed that I was working another Postage Stamp quilt - I'm using 2" squares.

See - everything tiny, but I am in my element with these.  They give me comfort as I chain them thru the machine.  And I love all that fabric scrappiness when they are all together.

Sewingly Yours,

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Making 5/22/17

Being refreshed from taking a weekend for some ME time, I am ready to start something new.  I will be joining BETH for some Monday Making.

While doing some cleaning out, I came across this huge pile of left over layer cakes of 'Circa 1892' by Howard Marcus @ Moda.  I remember making blocks with a QAL (those passed on) and actually found some blocks with this pile that were probably with another QAL (those passed on).  

I use this pattern a lot with left over JR strips, but will work just as well with these.  I call it a  'woven' block, but I've heard it referred to as a 'tile' block.  And you can change size with smaller or larger strips/scraps/yardage.

Just like making the beginning of a log cabin block - and then those four units get stitched together.  Very quick block.  

I'll be adding a flip corner over those whites to add a secondary pattern when these are put together (easier than making HSTs).  These just chain so nicely thru the machine.

And speaking of Jelly Rolls and Moda - check out the Project Jelly Roll over at Moda for National Sew A Jelly Roll Day.  I participate in a lot of designer and fabric contests - just for fun.  Looking for something to inspire using those hoarded JRs?

We have more rain - good day to sew,
Sewingly Yours,

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mish & Mash

I know so many areas have been hit hard with wild weather.  We had several storms roll into our area Thursday night.  Awful lightning strikes, heavy rain, and gusting winds.  I was at an event at our local library when the first one came thru and a ground strike hit right behind us.  Every pin, bolt, and rod in my body felt it.  I got home before the next round came thru,  but still feeling the affects today.

What is one to do when a bit 'jittery'?  BLOCKS!!  I made up my four little green piggies for RSC17.  This pattern is just so stinkin' cute and so easy to make.  These are thanks to the very clever Sally Trude.

The next block for the Patchwork QAL came on on Wednesday, so I thought I better get busy with those.  A cute signature block.

These are small blocks and very quick patterns.  Six  of each pattern are now done.  

The next step to the mystery - Two Step - came out and these worked up quickly.

The sub units are all made and we are starting to make the blocks.  This is one block and next month I am sure the next step will be the assemble of the other sub units for the second block.

My furkids spent the day napping.  Momma was gone when that storm happened so we were extra frazzled - home alone and big boomers!!   Bella in the wheelchair - I think it is time to get rid of that pillow (wet kitties) and the chair donated

Moe was muddy as well as wet when I got home - he must have hidden under the old smoke house during the storm.  He still has a bit of 'dirt' about him - hates to be brushed.  Of course, napping on my newest FQ Bag Lady project so that will need a good cleaning.

I will be taking Saturday for some ME time.  I am heading HERE for the day for their Spring plant sale and heritage plant tour.  I'm hoping to treat myself to some new plants.

Sewingly Yours,